Asia Cement Plc

Our Plant


Asia Cement’s Pukrang Plant consists of two production lines with a current installed capacity of 5 million tons of cement per year. The plant is located at Tambon Pukrang, Amphur Pra Buddhabat, Saraburi Province on an area of more than 1,000 rai (about 400 acres). In 1993 the first production line was started with an installed capacity of 2 million tons of cement per year. In 1997, the second production line was completed with an installed capacity of 3 million tons of cement per year. Both production lines used the dry process technology. 

Limestone Quarry

The limestone quarry is located nearby the plant. Blasted rocks are conveyed to the crusher by a fleet of dump trucks.

Crushing and Storage

The plant has two limestone crushers which can reduce the  limestone lump to the size of 80 mm. before it is conveyed to the storage areas.

Raw Mills

There are four roller mills utilized for raw meal production. The hot exhaust gas from each kiln preheater is used for the drying of raw materials. The gas-conditioning tower is used to cool down the hot gas before the raw mill circuit.

Raw Meal Silos

The continuous flow silos (CF silos) are used to homogenizing of raw meal. The total capacity of CF silos is 70,000 tons of raw meal.

Coal Mills

The lignite / coal grinding and drying process take place in the vertical roller mill which utilizes the kiln exhaust gas as a heat source.

Rotary Kilns

Being heated to a temperature of around 1,500 c in the rotary kilns, the raw feed is transformed to clinker by complex chemical reactions. The heating takes place in a series of suspension cyclone preheater.

Clinker Coolers

The clinker cooling is performed in the grate cooler, which is an air quenching reciprocating grate cooler, to cool the temperature of clinker down to 100 c. There is one cooler for each Rotary Kiln.

Cement Mills

Cement is manufactured by fine grinding the clinker together with various additives.  There are a total of 4 Ball Mills with roller press for the cement grinding process. The total maximum grinding capacity is 5.0 million tons of cement per year.

Packing and Loading

There are two packing lines in Pukrang Plant.  Ready to be shipped cement in bulk is stored in 10 cement silos with a total capacity of 100,000 tons.


Asia Cement Public Company Limited utilizes state-of-the-art technology and modern machinery in cement production to ensure consistent and high quality. An advanced computer system is employed to monitor machinery operations from the Central Control Room so as to attain the highest efficiency.

An effective distribution system is developed to quickly deliver cement to customers throughout the country. Due to standardized production process and quality management, the company is awarded ISO 9001: 2015 certification for its entire production process and products.


In addition to quality product and service, Asia Cement Public Company Limited also shows great concern for preserving the quality of environment around its plant and constantly monitor the emissions in many strategic areas to ensure that nearby communities do not suffer from industrial presence. the company is awarded ISO 14001 certification to confirm that the company has a management environment system that is based on international standards.

In order to respond to the needs and expectations of local communities regarding the development and management of production facilities, the company takes the proactive approach to anticipating environmental problems and preserving natural resources in the conduct of its operation in accordance with the company’s sustainable development strategy.

In recent years, the company has put significant effort into raising awareness among managers and employees concerning their responsibilities with respect to carbon emission reduction. The company regularly monitors and reports its emissions through a company-wide tool that is embedded in the overall company data reporting system and aligned with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) protocol for CO2 inventory in cement industry.


Asia Cement Public Company Limited recognizes the importance to occupational health and safety of all employees. The company organizes various activities to encourage safety mind among its employees. Besides, the company encourages all employees to propose their opinions and suggestions on work conditions and safety improvement. 

The company’s Safety Policy is applied to each and every workplace, with the objective of eliminating occupational accidents. This target is pursued by applying the highest safety standards, encouraging a culture of risk prevention and fostering the adoption of responsible behaviors by all employees and those working or having relations with the company. Accordingly, the main goal is to achieve Zero Accidents in the company. The policy is continually audited and updated in order to protect against the hazardous behaviors that may cause most industrial accidents

Social Contribution

Asia Cement Public Company Limited undertakes various social contributions to local communities, for example, scholarships, libraries, water tanks, playgrounds, mobile medical care unit, etc. as well as general society such as forestation, book donation, rural housing development, and so on.