Environment Policy


Superior standard quality, Impressive service, 
Focusing on safety and environment, 
Continual improvement concept.


Top management established the environmental policy to continuously improve our environmental performance and provide positive contributions to our business. 

  • Control and mitigate environmental impact resulting from the company’s activities from quarry through production processes, to comply with environmental legislation and other requirements.
  • Analyze, assess, eliminate, treat and protect pollution.
  • Commit to full utilization of resources, planning and monitoring of loss including emergency situations by periodically evaluating and reviewing performance, compliance with environmental objectives, targets and continual improvement.
  • Provide appropriate education and training to all personnel whose work may create a significant impact upon the environment, to be aware of the importance of conforming to the requirements of the environmental management system. It is vitally important for all employees to implement these policies.
  • Communicate the environmental policy to the employees and to the public as necessary