Ready Mixed Concrete


The first subsidiary company, Asia Cement Products Co., Ltd. (ACP), was established by selecting a highly qualified executive management team from within the organization. The company aimed to develop a product line of ready mixed concrete to provide consumers with a high quality alternative on par with the market leader. The company began with four production plants with a production capacity of 60,000 cubic meters to meet the needs of its first group of 45 customers.


The production capacity was expanded by increasing the number of production sites to eight to meet the increasing demand of 12 customers.

ACP met its highest goal of achieving a level of consumer acceptance and trust on par with the market leader in only the third year of launching its product line. At the same time it increased the number of production plants to 12 while its base of customers grew to 200. Our parent company made the decision to join with new strategic partner “Italcementi Group”, a world leader in the ready mix concrete industry. which provided the opportunity for technology transfer. 
The company saw steady growth continue in its market share as the number of customers grew to 300 and annual production increased to 300,000 cubic meters. 
For the fourth year in a row the company met its goals for market growth. After only 55 months of operation, production and sales reached an accumulated total of one million cubic meters. The number of customers entrusting us with their business grew to 355 while the number of production plants increased to 13. 

Setting quantitative growth targets has driven five successful years of operation. Tomorrow From this point on we are committed to continuing the successes of our fist five years and will push forward to maintain the organization’s trustworthiness and dependability toward our own personnel as well as every customer and commercial partner. In the event that we adjust our targets, they will be focused more in a qualitative direction in order to increase both our potential and durability into the coming years.

Our Business Values  
  • Providing the highest level of customer satisfaction 
  • Considering our business partners as family 
  •  Developing our potential – delegating responsibility and   providing career opportunitiesfor our staff at all levels 
  •  Building transparency in business goals and performance
  • Joining in building society with a sense of responsibility
Willingness Format  

The goal of meeting the needs of cement consumption was the initial aim of Asia Cement (plc) when it began production and sales in 1993. Today, We join with the global administrative Standards of world class partners  with the intent of playing a part in the development of this country in keeping with our parent’s original wishes. On January 6th, 1997 “The Asia Cement Products Company, Ltd.” Was established as an heir to the original wishes of our parent. In addition to realizing the company’s original intent, we also aim to be one of the leadingProducers of high quality ready mixed concrete, as well as provide outstanding service with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are prepared to be the best alternative among our competition in providing service to the customer as our slogan suggests, “FOR MORE QUALITY OF STRENGTH TO JOIN NATIONAL GROWTH”