Bua Plus
BUA PLUS Brand is the premium masonry cement formulated in compliance with TIS 2595-2556 and ASTM C91 type S. This brand of cement is a blend of Portland cement and finely ground limestone, combined with various process additions that enhance water retention, workability, boardlife and durability. They are special product for plastering and brick laying. It cement mortar generate a very small micron given easily apply for final smooth appearance.


Mix proportion for application
Type of   application    

General  plastering      

 1  part     3part (fine sand)      3/4  
  • Water in mix proportion should be adjusted depends on volume of moisture in sand.

  • Brick for laying should be clean and saturated with water to keep a good bond between brick and cement mortar.

  • Remove dust and dirty from surface and wet with water before plastering. Concrete surface should be blast or apply glue cement-sand mortar before plastering.

  • Wall surface should be cured with water to keep a strong hard surface and reduce surface cracking.