BUA DAENG HYTECH BRAND is a Portland composite cement, known also as Hydraulic cement, common type of cement in general use (GU).  It is manufactured in accordance with the Thai Industrial Standards Institute's specification for Hydraulic cement, TIS 2594-2556 and the ASTM C 1157.  

Bua Daeng Hytech Brand is made with eco-friendly materials and helps to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission in the atmosphere.  However, the concrete properties of Bua Daeng Hytech are the same level as a Portland cement type I in term of strength and durability.  In addition, by implementing innovation in manufacturing processes, water-reducing and strength enhancing admixtures are added to improve the quality of concrete.  As a result, the concrete made with Bua Daeng Hytech has a rapid development in early strength and low level of shrinkage of concrete.  

Bua Daeng Hytech has been designed to meet the requirements of the current concrete users who need to complete their work faster with superior durability of concrete.

Mix proportion for application  

Type of application cement Sand Stone Water
Course grain concrete 1 3 5 1/2
Regular concrete  1 2 4 1/2


  • This proportion could be adjusted under the recommendation of civil engineer.

  • Harden concrete should be cure after 24 hours casting to induce desired compressive strength.