Lotus mortar Tile Adhesive FIX

Lotus Mortar Tile Adhesive FIX.

Lotus mortar Tile Adhesive FIX

  • To be designed with high bond strength to concrete surface. It can be applied for tie  installation  such as ceramic tiles, clay tiles, sandstone tiles and glass blocks.

  • To be designed for good adhesion that dramatically differs from the conventional tile adhesives. It’s fine-grain, flexibility (plasticity), stable on vertical surfaces and perfect for both interior and exterior applications on wall and floor tiles as well as easy to mix with water and use.

Surface preparation

  • Concrete surface must be free of dust, grease, oil and previous coating etc. 

  • Concrete surface should be sound and levelled prior to application.


A 20 kg bag of Lotus Mortar i.pro Cement Tile Adhesive is mixed with 4.6 liters of clean water (23%) . Mix mechanically by using a low speed drills (400-600 rpm) for 1-2 minutes until a smooth paste is achieved. The paste should be used up within 20 minutes after mixing.


Plaster Lotus mortar i.pro Tile Adhesive on areas 1-2 m2 with laying-on trowel and followed by notch trowel in order to control the thickness of tile adhesive around 5-10 mm. Lay and adjust the tile into position by tapping it gently with a rubber mallet in order to avoid space under tile. Adjustment of tiles should be carried out within 15 minutes of laying and allow the adhesive to dry out for a minimum of 24 hours before grouting. 

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