BUA MORTAR WHITE SKIM COAT BRAND Special smooth surface and special thin plastering 0.3 - 2.0

Bua Mortar Skim Coat Brand is a polymer modified, fine-grained cementitious White finish coat skim coat. Without mixture of sand, it provides excellent bonding workability and easy to apply.  Just mix it with clean water and apply thin coat over surface of precast wall, cast in place wall, masonry wall, fiber cement board or gypsum board in order to smoothen the wall surface finishing and to repair any surface defects such as air bubbles, cracking, crazing and seaming.  Moreover, it can be used to repair rough wall before painting or wallpapering for both interior and exterior applications. 


  • Mix 1 bag of Bua Mortar Skim Coat with approximately 7 litres of clean water. 

  • Mix thoroughly by using a low speed drills (400-600 rpm) for 1-2 minutes and wait for 50-60 seconds to allow air bubbles release from the substrate before applying.
  • Spread the Skim Coat with a trowel and leave it for 3-6 hours. Use a fine sandpaper to smooth out any roughness.
  • Allow the Skim Coat to dry completely at least 3-7 days before paintwork.
Areas of Application
  • For eliminating air bubbles from any surfaces of precast wall panel.
  • For seamless decorative plastering of concrete joints after mold removal.
  • For seamless gypsum board joints.
  • For giving perfectly smooth walls before painting and wallpapering.
  • For both inside and outside the building.
  • Apply for area 4.5-12.5 sq.m.
  • Do not apply Bua Mortar Skim Coat on smooth and shiny surfaces such as ceramic and metal surfaces as well as floor plastering.
  • Do not apply sand cement or install tiles over the Bua Mortar Skim Coat surface.
  • Avoid plastering on decorative concrete that surface is completely wet at all times.
  • Avoid plastering on concrete surface in high temperature condition that may cause rapid loss of water and cracking.

Note:  The mixing and plastering methods of Skim Coat Grey & White are identical.