Super Lotus

Super Lotus.

Super Lotus is a Mixed cement manufactured in compliance with Thai Industrial Standard 80-2550,40 Kg.

This brand of cement is suitable for;
  • Brick laying works 

  • Plastering works

  • Small-scale construction works
Mix proportion for application
Type of application
Brick laying13-1
1st coat plastering12 1/2-1
2nd coat plastering13-1
Regular Concrete1241/2
  • Water in mix proportion should be adjusted depends on volume of moisture in sand. 
  • Use coarse sand for brick laying and concrete work, find sand for plastering work. 
  • Brick for laying should be clean and saturated with water to keep a good bond between brick and cement mortar. 
  • Remove dust and dirty from surface and wet with water before plastering. Concrete surface should be blast or apply glue cement-sand mortar before plastering. 
  • Wall surface should be cured with water to keep a strong hard surface and reduce surface cracking

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