Technical Support

The Technical support team of engineers and technicians are generate variety technical service and support to Client

Mobile Concrete Laboratory Service

Our technical service representatives work directly with customer to test and improve their working and products.

  • Testing the quality of concrete and concreting material

  • Formulate proper mix design
  • Trial mix and adjust concrete proportion
  • Suggest the best placement technique
  • Run in process
Training and Education Programs

We provide training and seminar of cement and concrete programs to educate our clients, users and students.

  • On the job site training and demonstration

- Masonry and Plastering
- Concreting and practice
- Improve concrete quality and workability

  • Group seminar programs

- Construction skill and Labor skill for users
- Cement and concrete knowledge for student
- Concrete Technology seminar and visual education for Concrete manufacturers and RMC plants.

Customer Complaints Handling

We provide quick response to customer complaints. Our technical representatives will meet and join investigation with the clients to find out and solve the problems in an appropriate way.