30 June 2018

World Environment Day

Since June 5 of every year is World Environment Day, the Company then organized activities concerning with environment at the plants.  

Pukrang Plant in conjunction with the municipality, community leaders and villagers in Pukrang Sub-district held a landscape improvement activity for the pond beside the plant by getting rid of weed and growing trees around the pond edge. This pond is the natural water source gaining water flowing from the mountain beside the plant. It is the natural water source that Pukrang people use for agriculture, for instance, rice growing, maize farming, orchard growing, vegetable farming, etc. In addition, it is also the fishing area of Pukrang villagers for food and earnings.

Takli Plant together with the contractors' employees, the representatives of Naga community, Baan Mai Pone Thong and Buddha Nimit community held the activity of tree growing and cleaning the area of Khao Thum Boonnak limestone mine.